Fairview Presbyterian Church

4264 Avonia Road, Fairview PA 16415 


Church Programs- Worship



Worship Service - 10:30 AM

A combined service of traditional & contemporary music.



Prayer Box
Sam Lewis has blessed us with another talent besides his gift of preaching. He has made a beautiful Prayer Box. The Worship Committee thought a Prayer Box could serve many purposes in our worship.

There will be times when we won't share Joys & Concerns during the service. We can write our prayers, and place them in the Prayer Box.

Richard Bauman, author of several books, says in his article Paper Prayers, “Writing prayers does more than quiet distractions. It helps us “talk” more directly to God. We can release more thoroughly what is in our hearts, and commit to our Creator. As thoughts and feelings flow onto paper, the action of writing actually generates additional reflections that can be expressed. In writing our prayers our hearts open and we give God time to show us what we already have. We not only see more clearly our concerns, pain and desires, but also God’s response to them. Prayers often have more meaning when we write them rather than simply speak them. For instance, written prayers of gratitude or gratitude lists are powerful and meaningful prayers. Writing gratitude lists and prayers increase our joy, and keeps us sensitive to the good that fill our lives.”

It is the Worship Committee’s hope that the Prayer Box can enrich our prayer life, our knowledge of God’s part in our lives and His will for us; that our self-knowledge grows deeper, and brings us to strong, intimate contact with God, and ourselves.  



  4264 Avonia Road 
  Fairview, PA 16415
  Phone: 814-474-3914           
  E-Mail: fairpresby@verizon.net 
  Pastor: Rev. Emily Zeig Lindsey
  Email: RevEmilyZL@gmail.com 

  Church Office Hours:

  Monday - Friday  10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Worship Schedule Sunday School: 9:15 AM (September - May) Worship: 10:30 AM

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