Fairview Presbyterian Church

4264 Avonia Road, Fairview PA 16415 


Joys and Concerns


Prayers for:


The Carl Family

Joan Fiesler

Fred Ralph's stepson's wife Lori

Bill & Jane Gohn

Don Shadle & family

Dan & Theresa Weber

Kiriam Kraut's cousin Beth

Chuck Ghastin

Jim Noble

David Durst's sister Carol and family

Jen Lewis' Uncle Mike

Larry Roschi

Jerry Klein




  4264 Avonia Road 
  Fairview, PA 16415
  Phone: 814-474-3914           
  E-Mail: fairpresby@gmail.com 
  Pastor: Rev. Emily Zeig Lindsey
  Email: RevEmilyZL@gmail.com 

  Church Office Hours:

  Monday - Friday  10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Worship Schedule Sunday School: 9:15 AM (September - May) Worship: 10:30 AM