Joys and Concerns


People to Pray for

Pat White is now in a Dementia unit, in Pittsburgh. She has a growth that continues to grow on her brain, which has caused several strokes, dementia, and loss of sight. Prayers are needed for her and her family.

Dan Weber is having problems with a new treatment for his leukemia. Prayers for him and Theresa.

Karen Milewski’s Aunt Ceil was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemo.

Gloria Sipes is having a hard time after her mom's death.

The Foland Family - Leslie is continuing her search for a job.

Gail Getz - problems with her lungs and trouble breathing

Sara Tobolewski's friend - Sarah Bookhammer has a blood disorder.

Ann's Lewis' niece, Erin Leland was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer.

Pat Goss was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, and is recuperating from back surgery.

Karen Milewski is continuing treatment for her cancer.

Continued prayers for Hagan Hetz and his family














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