Fairview Presbyterian Church

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Joys and Concerns


People to Pray for

* Joey Scott, Christine Phillips’ grandson, had a malignant tumor removed. He has started the first of 25 weeks of chemo.   

Arlene Miller is at Manchester Commons for rehab after back surgery.

Scott & Kathy Mahood’s 2 month old grandson Sam is recuperating after hernia surgery.

Sam Lewis had to go to Pittsburgh over the weekend to have his throat stretched after having problems swallowing. He is now back home.

Joy Stadler is having health problems.

Continued prayers for family and friends of Karen Milewski & Gail Getz.

Mike & Barb Mucciarone have both been in the hospital. Prayers for recovery and health.

Edie’s stepson, Bob Leuschen has cancer of the lung and esophagus.

Nancy Pickens is having worsening health problems.

Dan Weber is fighting 3 different types of cancer.

Continued prayers for Hagan Hetz and his family.

Prayers for Liam O’Brien for safe travels abroad until July 2019.



Sam Lewis is cancer free and no longer has to have chemo! Prayers for continued strength.

Liliane O'Brien is doing well after her surgery.












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