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Mission Outreach- Car Clinic


Car Clinic

The Car Clinic of Fairview Presbyterian Church was developed by Pastor Chuck Cammarata to help people with car maintenance and repairs who can't afford to have it done elsewhere. We also donate cars to those who can't afford one.

We do car maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations. Basic repairs are done such as brakes, muffler replacements, and tune-ups. These are done on an as needed basis.

In 2009 a new garage was built for this ministry. It was donated by Dave and Gail Sanner in memory of their son Stephen Sanner. In 2010 we received a lift that makes the work a lot easier.

Thank you to the men who volunteer for this ministry. We couldn't do this if it weren't for them! If anyone is interested in helping, please call the church office at 474-3914.

The need for cars and for financial help with repairs is increasing. This ministry is run strictly on donations. If anyone has a car they would like to donate,or would like to contribute monetarily, please call. It will be very much appreciated! You will receive a letter for tax purposes.

If anyone needs help with repairs, please call and make an appoinment!



  4264 Avonia Road 
  Fairview, PA 16415
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