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People to Pray for

Prayers for Ann & Sam Lewis and family. Sam's daughter Robin and her kids are very sick with the flu. Sam is taking care of them, in Ohio. Ann is home helping with her daughter's new baby boy. Ann's niece, Erin Leland was just diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer. She had a battle with breast cancer in the past, and is only 40 with 9 year old twins.

Jo Ann Sturdivant has bilateral pneumonia. She is at home, and getting treatment. She is also still having heart issues. Prayers for healing.

Dave Fiesler passed away in his sleep on January 13. He was at Pleasant Ridge. Prayers for Joan and the family.

Kathy Lucas, a friend of Ann Lewis, passed away last week. Prayers for her family and friends.

Barb Mucciarone badly injured one of her legs, and had to have surgery over the holidays. She is at Lecom Health, but will hopefully be coming home next week for outpatient rehab. Prayers for fast healing!

Jenna Mucciarone, who is now living in New York City, is headed to Israel January 16 with her stiudents for a couple of weeks. Prayers for safety.

Pat White is now in a persoanl care facility in Greensburgh, near one of her sons. There is still a brain bleed, and they are taking tests. She is in good spirits, and adjusting and making friends.

Joan Miller is still having heart problems. Prayers for health and peace.

Bonnie McConnell had a heart attack, and a quadruple bipass. Prayers for healing.

Pat Goss was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. She is going through tests. Prayers for her and the doctors.

Chucky Bizzaro, 21 and a promising amatuer boxer, was in a terrible accident that badly damaged one of his legs. They are not sure of nerve damage yet, but he is not paralyzed. Prayers for complete healing!

Danielle Nies' mom Sharon passed away. Prayers for Danielle and her family.

Amy Tessier’s niece Mikayla was in a bad car accident on Halloween. She had plastic surgery on her face – several broken bones in her nose and lacerations. She will have to have a tooth inplant. Prayers for fast and complete healing.

Pat White's daughter Lori had colon cancer surgery, and is undergoing treatment.

Gloria Sipes' mom Eileen - cancer has returned.

Karen Milewski is continuing treatment for her cancer. Tumors are shrinking!

Susan Nelson's dad, Don Shadle, is having back issues causing difficulties to walk. Prayers for health & healing.

Stephanie Borland's grandma, Mary Louise Bell, has dementia, and is ill and very weak. Prayers for the family.

Continued prayers for Hagan Hetz and his family

Prayers for the Pastor Nominating Committee in their search for our new pastor!



Lauren Weidenboerner Scharf will be ordained in January at All Saints Church in Cranberry!

Mark Hutchinson 's MRI showed NO growth in his tumor, and the brain swelling coninues to go down! Please keep him and his family in your prayers!

Laura & Jake Carver are expecting a baby boy! Congrats to them and the proud grandparents to be Ken & Karen Milewski!

Randy Traut's daughter Kailee and her husband Cannon are expecting their second child!

Marie Lipphardt is now walking with a walker after she broke her leg and was in a wheelchair for so long. She is now on the mend!!!













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